Tuesday, October 27, 2009

beers and......

found a state park to set up camp for the night

fully loaded! had to take out a bench seat to make room for all of our shit
left the park to find some food

sick bowls

nono profiling

backside tailslide
luke rips

v takes a wicked corner pocket

concrete!!!! this was the first park we went to. drove thru the night to make the 8am session

guess i should have rotated these. driving the night shift

andy v..... lein to tail
front 5-0this pool was so perfect.

fresh out the car and ready to shred


road sodas

mike put in alot of work to get the beast ready for the long trip


everyone pumped to take my old work van to ohio to hit up some concrete and drop by skatopia


leavin austin
ballins out cold

airport bars getcha every time
straight from bastrop to the airport

MRE... frontside ollie
this is my favorite pic of the whole trip

group shots
everyone enjoying the little bit of sunshine we had on that trip

bastrop pool. in my opinion the best spot in texas
geech-swiz pivz

nikk(drago)-back d

nikk-back smith, austin high school
geech-noseblunt slide

the forever christmas house

new ledge behind the old skatepark of austin

mac did the driving
mike looking like i got him mid sneeze

bubs got the eye of the tiger

mike n bubs took turns holdin on to the van tryin to get the right speed to blast this grass gap
maiden cover band......drifter